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Local1655 President- Magaly RosarioPresident's Message

Dear Local 1655 Member,

Local 1655, organized for the purpose of representing the Clerical Administrative of the New York City Transit Authority, Triborough Bridges and Tunnel and MABSTOA employees, to protect rights of workers, collective bargaining, in addition promote a positive role in society today.

In the words of the founder and first president of the United Farm Workers, “our ambition must be broad enough to include aspirations and needs of others, for their sake and our own”. [Read More...]

Local1655 President-We Work As A Team:
Local 1655 members are employees that work in the Metropolitan Transit Authority, Bridges and Tunnels and MABSTOA. Within these various agencies our members work as team players to get assigned job done. [Read More]


Local1655 President-Our Location Are :
Under construction... [Read More]