Local 1655 The Black History/Cutural Committee

Deborah Henry-Chairperson (Bridges & Tunnels Authority)
Debora Henry
(Bridges & Tunnels Authority)
Yvonne Singh (Co-Chairperson)
Yvonne Singh
(Bridges & Tunnels Authority)

The Black History and Cultural Committee is comprised of men and women from Transit Authority and Bridges & Tunnels Authority.  During the month of February, this committee will be responsible for the Black History Program, which will be held at the DC 37 Headquarters, a well organized and the most memorable presentation it can be.  

This will be the committee’s first function and we will inform and educate our members about some of the Black History through the recognition of achievements that have been accomplished throughout the years of service. 

The committee will also recognize the diversity of all cultures throughout the year.  To show their achievements, success stories, inform and educate so that we may understand different ethnic cultures. The committee will have events and functions that well are joyful, informative, and just memorable for all of you.  

On behalf of the Black History and Cultural Committee we extended an invitation to all of you, friends and families, remember to look for Local 1655 calendar of events started in February 2007.


If you are Interested, in becoming apart of our Black History committee, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Debora Henry at 646-252-7758 or

DC 37 Local 1655 Office – 212-815-1655

You can also contact through emailing us at contact@local1655.org


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