Local 1655 Men's Committee

John Calhoun- Chairperson (Transit Authority)
John Calhoun
(Transit Authority)
Phyllis Boozer Co-Chairperson (Transit Authority)
Gerald Smith
Bridge & Tunnels Authority

The Men’s Committee was created in an effort to have the men in Local 1655 participate in a capacity that is both beneficial and informative to us as union member, and this in turn creates an atmosphere that enable us to build a connection between those of us who share similar goals. The mission of the Men’s Committee is to provide a forum to discuss issues that are relevant to our concern such as economic, political, and family matters that we all are confronted with everyday. The goal is to express ideals and experiences as well enrich others around us. Just by joining the Men’s Committee we have and will continue to accomplish an endeavor that promotes a positive sense of achievement through the many activities that we are involved in.  

If you are interested in just sitting in and listening at one of our meeting, or you would like to join us, please don't hesitate to contact us at

DC 37 Local 1655 Office – 212-815-1655

You can also contact through emailing us at contact@local1655.org

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