Local 1655 Scholarship Committee

John Calhoun- Chairperson (Transit Authority)
John Calhoun
(Transit Authority)
Phyllis Boozer Co-Chairperson (Transit Authority)
Phyllis Boozer
(Transit Authority)

Brothers and Sisters, we are in the process of organizing Local 1655’s Scholarship Committee.  The official committee structure will consists of a Chairperson, Co-chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and a Financial Secretary.

There are four sub-committees consisting of Criteria, Journal, Planning and Program.  Each sub-committee will contain five or more members, each playing a significant role in developing ideas and creating methods for reaching the committee’s main objective.

The objective of the committee is to award Scholarships to qualified recipients of
Local 1655 members, their children or grandchildren, who are perspective high school graduates planning to attend college or a certified Adult Continuing Education Program.

All information concerning this committee will be posted on our website http://www.local1655.org