We Work As a Team

Local 1655 members are employees that work in the Metropolitan Transit Authority, Bridges and Tunnels and MABSTOA. Within these various agencies our members work as team players to get assigned job done. In the MTA Clerical Administration- Local 1655 there are in several departments that are represented by our members, such as:

  • Access-A-Ride
  • Customer Service
  • Family Medical Leave
  • Finance/Payroll
  • Legal
  • Metro-Cards Claim
  • Money Room
  • Personnel
  • Purchasing
  • Operations
  • Technology
  • Training
  • Workermens Compensation

We are the men and women who have been employed by MTA-Clerical Administration for many years and many years to come.  The ones who don’t mine helping to stand tall, strong and fight together as a team for our rights as proud DC37- Local  1655 members.