Welcome to local 1655 new website

Welcome to Local 1655 new website!

Nona Twiggs Local 1655-Secretary & Web Designer
Nona Twiggs
Local 1655-Secretary & Web Designer

When this website was designed it was with you in mind. We wanted to make a website that is user friendly, and provide you with easy access to information that you need at your fingertip.

Website features that you will experience:

  • Simplified site navigation:  You will only be a few clicks away from any page on the website.  Example: If you are interested in, the meaning of being one of the 52 locals that are a part of the largest organization – DC-37that  fight for rights of their members and families,  click on

      "History of DC-37" –section on the home page

  • Resources:  Easy access to all information, forms, email, committees and much more found directly on Local 1655 home page.  There are a couple of ways that you may access the site to find anything that may be of interest to you.  a) Navigation bar    b) Click the links
  • Members Webmail:  You can sign up for your personal e-mail address to that you have another way of contacting our office, keeping personal information confidential, and keeping the members informed.  This function can also be easy accessed through the homepage.
  • Local 1655 Suggestion page:  On this you can feel free to ask any question, give comments/suggestions, etc. by filling out the simple form & “Click or Send” button.
  • Committees Sign-Up:   if you are interested in one of the committees that are offered, you can just click and fill out the form.  This function can also be easy accessed through the homepage
  • There are many other features and information that we will be bringing to our members to meet their needs on an ongoing basis.  We will continue to enhance this site to become a benefit to you and other union family members who may visit our website in the future.